Interconnect Core  
Download Telejet Carrier Suite brochure for more information on the system
Telejet Carrier Suite Core is the backbone element of Telejet Carrier Suite, which enables automation of all the carrier’s key business processes:
  • management of client and supplier reference data and carrier agreements;
  • rate and dial code management (import/export, editing);
  • statistics retrieval, CDR processing;
  • network monitoring and system administration;
  • generation of standard reports;
  • invoicing.

Carrier profile management system is a single-point data repository that allows instant access to the most important Carrier information. Telejet Carrier Suite stores carrier contacts, electronic copies of agreements and the agreement history as well as different aspects of agreement terms, such as the possibility of sending/receiving commercial traffic to/from the carrier (traffic termination or origination in terms of Telejet Carrier Suite). The system uses this information for call routing and billing purposes as well as for invoicing and credit control.

Powerful and easy-to-use import tools in Telejet Carrier Suite facilitate the easy exchange of rate information with other carriers. Rate sheets of any format are processed by means of an intelligent MS Excel plug-in to enable automated import to the database.

Then the rates are reviewed and committed to the database by means of the built-in Rates Editor.  It supports:

  • smart automatic validation of new rates (effective date is compared with the date specified in the agreement, the system also automatically checks if the rates have genuinely increased or decreased as specified in the rate change notification);
  • history of rate changes;
  • simultaneous operations with groups of rates, extensive filtering capabilities;
  • export of rates to MS Excel.

Support for various types of rate plans (peak, off-peak, etc.) allows for additional earnings.

The Network monitoring system enables technical personnel to detect various emergency situations in a timely manner as well as to foresee them and prevent them from occurring.

The Billing subsystem is an integral part of the Interconnect Core module, which serves to rate and rerate the completed call sessions.
The system provides a convenient “one-click” procedure for sending invoices (automatically prepared according to the billing period given in the carrier agreement) directly to customers.