Telejet Carrier Suite  
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is an end-to-end packaged software solution for managing telecommunications companies. The system is aimed to carriers that trade and exchange international voice traffic, such as:

  • international voice wholesale carriers;
  • divisions of major telcos dealing with carriers on the global voice traffic market;
  • alternative VoIP carriers dealing with a vast number of partners to ensure traffic is transmitted over the optimum routes in terms of cost and quality.

Telejet Carrier Suite is much more than just a flexible system for inter-carrier billing, cutting-edge routing and rate management. The suite of software modules also features powerful analytics tools, client balance monitoring, network monitoring, automated bill validation, dispute management, customer self-care and trouble ticket system.

Solution Benefits

Telejet Carrier Suite will improve a carrier business and increase its revenue. It helps to:

  • reduce the amount of everyday, routine manual operations;
  • take advantage of market opportunities related to voice traffic exchange with the aid of innovative tools specially designed for this purpose;
  • easily retrieve information on key performance indicators (margin, traffic, etc.);
  • increase company transparency and manageability;
  • enhance Customer Relations Management;
  • avoid revenue leakage from internal faults or intentional fraud of other carriers.

Get what your business really needs

The Telejet Carrier Suite system is based on the modular concept; its features can always be altered according to the needs and potential of a carrier. The system can be scaled to meet a company’s needs as it gains more partners and the volumes of processed traffic increase.