Implementation Services  

Telejet provides efficient deployment of the Telejet Carrier Suite system, ensuring that the implementation is successful and delivers full business value.

Implementation has 4 phases: analysis, configuration, installation and training.


Customer requirements are received and checked during the analysis phase. If necessary in order to ensure optimal analysis, Telejet implementation specialists may visit the customer. The implementation plan is also developed at this stage.


Working in conjunction with the customer's team, Telejet engineers carry out:

  • development of requirements for hardware configuration;
  • building of delivery package (exact set of business modules);
  • development of application program interfaces for customer software integration.


Telejet's implementation team of industry experts ensures smooth installation of the system. We provide:

  • remote or on-site assistance in setting up third-party vendors' hardware and software;
  • Telejet Carrier Suite software installation;
  • data migration to Telejet Carrier Suite including carrier agreements, dial codes and rates;
  • on-site integration with customer software.

Telejet instructors train customer end-users and system administrators to operate the software modules and to perform day-to-day tasks.